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Priceless-You Are

Outside my window is the peace joy of overflow I have been reflecting as of late outside from the inside Because of an abundance found in a place built I suppose with love & spiritual fortitude gifts untold Do you see outside your window and… Read More »Priceless-You Are

I Find AWay

Ill find a way  Everyday I will see your good & the peace in you Because in me I hold peace, patience, optimism, & the bridge with Love I will find a way everyday to see unity because the alternative is too heavy  Therefore if… Read More »I Find AWay

Be Visible

My invisibility is not a burden upon your society unless you ignore our pain There is nothing to say in this vast sea of brokenness but a celebration of service  Eagles always acknowledge that which made them this way See buzzards & pigs ask questions… Read More »Be Visible


#IIWK16 There really is, truly, no other disease or incurable disease which forces you to prep for an outing like NPO orders for surgery or a procedure. It is a completely ordinary and well understood common practice for those of us with this digestive paralysis issue.… Read More »#IIWK16

Have you been on the other end?  Of the “look”. “Well they obviously can get out of the car just fine!” The recipient of a “Questioning” glance saying , “Well, they are obviously able to eat! They have no loss of  – pounds!”  Have been… Read More »