mitochondrial disease

When Your Spoons Are Low

When Your Spoons Are Low When your spoons are low And our aura alters, what do you, we do ? #POTS What do we do? What do we do? What do we do? We Weeble & Wobble We do, we […]

Chronicling the Chronic Journey

Chronicling the Chronic Journey We see our experiences through the reflection of ourselves and others these truths empower us all 24/7/365. Definition of chronic 1a:continuing or occurring again and again for a long time chronic indigestion chronic experiments b: suffering […]

Creating A Peaceful Atmosphere

Creating a Peaceful Atmosphere can be done in a lot of ways. I believe we (Warriors) do so, in a multitude of ways to cope on our chronic journey. We are all human beings, none the same, all beautiful, each […]

‘‘Tis The Season of Cures”

‘It’s the season of cures Alas, how can this be? This phrase, meme, hashtag, has been posted, shared, advocated by deeply committed chronic communities over a great span of their shared chronic journeys. I believe, it is in part, because […]

The Mitochondrial/Motility Journey

#MitochondrialAwarenessMonth Sept 22 our online/ offline awareness day! How do I tell you about my mito? The easiest way is to describe how your organ systems behave when you age. Yet in a mito malabsorption dx my bones were 86 […]

#GPMonster #WhoYouGonnaCall? #TakeABite4GP

If I told you, I am personally acquainted with a #GPMonster? You would probably put it in the context of “today.”  The reboot of “GHOSTBUSTERS ”  is right at hand! The famous phrase #WhoYouGonnaCall #Ghostbusters!  Yes, I said “Monster”. But […]

When We Dream 

I think #curegp #ellendancewithRaven  I believe our song has already begun to be played!  The stage has been set! The melody is playing! The beat is bopping!  I hear music non-stop! I see the candle lit stage! I see the […]