Month: September 2015

#iiwk15 #GPCloak 

Do you know where your cloak is? Is it a #GPCloak? And do you think “OMG, she has slipped a gear poor dear!”  But you don’t know cause I give you the all clear, everything is fine my Dear!  I […]

#InvisibleFight #Gastroparesis

#invisibleFight is it me or did you just see the real or the light inside the  Iamokaynow ? I am okay is the clarion call I sang for years to make all think my fight was “okay” this day!  I sat […]

Dear God

Dear God,  Can you please give us just a hint on what is going on? We are saying our prayers, we have tried every holistic process known to reset our paralyzed digestive tracts, some have had multi- organ transplants Lord. […]

#InvisibleIllness Week #GP See Me?

An #InvisibleIllness made all the more  Because I am clinging to the door  You know!?  The one which says, “Hey World” I can still_________” and that blank is infinite!  I don’t want my dignity robbed anymore!  I try! With every […]


#Green4GP #1Action4GP  Green for Gastroparesis It is my word thought! I decided I could “do more” ~~  Every Friday we, in the #GastroparesisCommunity, go #Green4GP I wanted “Go #Green4GP” in thought, deed, & action, I will continue to try to […]

GP Inside Out

I can only tell you, bless your itty bitty heart!  I will pray for you! If you are from the south? You understand the first statement, was a backhanded kiss of death!  Today I have read too many instances of […]

When We Are Green ~ Will You See?

A brilliant idea from Jessica-Faye Watters Jessica-Faye’s Twitter page!  Those days, long ago and far away, when I jogged, biked, swam, aerobics, stretched, and hiked! I used to say “I eat to live! I do not live to eat!” I […]

#TodayIsTheDay #Gastroparesis #1Action4GP 

Soon all the green will be gone, we will still be here, #Green4gp  Right Now! you Can Help!  #September #GastroparesisActionMonth #1Action4GP #Curegp   #HR2311(we need co-sponsors)  Here is a link to help: #EllenDanceWithRaven (I am so proud of my […]

A GP Labrynth –> Research,Treatments, Cure! 

There are many roads to the destination/diagnosis of Gastroparesis or a motility disorder.  Gastroparesis is a condition in which your stomach cannot empty itself of food in a normal fashion. It is caused by damage to the vagus nerve, which […]