Month: November 2015

Twas The Night Before Christmas /GP version

Twas the night before Christmas when all through the house not a creature was stirring not even a GPer in the house. The stockings were hung by the chimney with care even while vomiting up-and-down the chair! In hopes that […]

Why I Am Thankful for a GP Team Isaiah 40:31

A Share of Gratitude on Thanksgiving Week. I am grateful we have a team who lives and breathes #curegp!  We are constantly choosing the we and not the I –staying out of Manure (manucsho) knowing with  1L💚VE on 1Team we […]

I Choose Love

Something made me look at you until I saw myself!  Then I knew we were all just like you except hate never grew into you! What happened to my friend?  I am not your friend? But I was long ago? […]

It’s So Real

While we have become a culture which greatly enjoys reality show formats. We as well like viral videos. We have a short attention span because we  live very busy lives! But there is something happening which is larger than any […]

What Time Is It?

We are searching for the way! Do you know I was looking for that day?  I was calling out for it to come without delay! Let it be! Let it be, a day without hate, greed, envy, & division would […]

An Educational Moment For Our Petition

This is going to be a long post. It is an educational post. About gastroparesis and the Social Security Administration. While gastroparesis is mentioned in the information for summaries it has not been given a designation itself! Why does that […]

You Might Be Entertaining Angels

If I asked you, do you think there is a disease which with its complications, is causing deaths in a community of approximately 10,000 or so up to one or two a week at times. Now, no it is not […]


“SHHH”… I say, “I am okay now!” But it might be a little more motivational with the hope you stay conversational.  If you knew, the truth behind the words & the carefully managed selfies? It might shut down all of […]