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  • Mostly we need Love 

    I am the things you cannot see the losing side of you or me  I am not the nobody nor the somebody I am the thing that lives inside of perhaps you and me I perhaps took a road not traveled by the one that you can see whether it is Gp or another it […]

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  • Closing 2016 Opening 2017 

    How we close 2016 & open the Gift of 2017 even when we have moments we must overcome living with #ChronicIllness as we in #GPNation https://discord.gg/mM8Yv59 www.curegp.com www.takeabite4gp.org www.iffgd.org www.agmd-gimotility.org  all seek each day to live in our very real diagnosis #MotilityDisorders often accompanied by #AutoimmuneDisorders and with the many support groups allowing us to share, vent, uplift,educate, encourage each other […]

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  • 2017

    I am going to attempt to tell you how I believe the year of 2017 is going to begin, because I think 2016 has been a bumpy road for us but we have made progress. I also believe, in my opinion, we have all made progress because of the bumps and because of advocacy. Yes, […]

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  • Inspired

    How do we remain ourselves in a social media platform where it can be a lil rough at times? We can only share a perspective & thoughts from a viewpoint of patient/advocacy & with the knowledge of a singular “big picture” goal of many in our community. We come at this with many personalities & […]

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  • #GPElfie

    How we found a way to turn up the volume on a lil cheer, laughter, & happiness! While brain storming about how we (meaning a lot of a community facing many #ChronicIllnesses) can use the lil Santa Elf to (who was patiently waiting in Hobby Lobby ) spread happiness by paying a visit to as […]

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  • Can You?GP

    Why do you think Gastroparesis seems more prevalent in women than men? Well I could get into a physiological explanation of my opinion–>  without a doctor’s degree, training, or knowledge. I could suggest the hormonal imbalances, ovarian cysts rupturing, structure of our bodies create  a natural probability of statisical percent increasing our numbers higher than […]

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  • And we say #HonorShip

    I said, “Of course! I can in the true folly of pain (because my fanny fakes led me astray from the path I had diligently obligated myself to take every day in every way). But old dog new tricks seems to be literal except I do my very best to veer into the unknown. Living […]