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  • How I 9/9/2017

    I do some things well, I do not do others well at all. We cope with the hardest moments of lives in different ways. Is your way wrong or right? Who am I to say? I choose my way. I pray you choose your way then there are enough human beings around you with unconditional […]

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  • May We Find & Meet

    What speaks to my Soul might not speak to your Soul. I pray you find GRACE, OPTIMISM, SUPPORT, LOVE, HOPE, & the tiniest spark of ENCOURAGEMENT which may be needed to lift you in your moment of travail, anxiety, stress, doubt, pain, depression, chronic illnesses with or without answers… whatever adversity may be trying to […]

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  • You are loved

    You Are So Loved ­čÖé Your gift is a priceless one my child, so much so, you must be ever so kind, as to not let others be over-burdened by your presence but still blessed. Let everyone know they are priceless too, then move forward to tell others. Being on an island of one to […]

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  • “Perfection”

    Life cannot be defined as “perfect” or “horrible” but ,in my opinion, as a state of perfection at times or in “a horrible mess of a moment..” What is the difference? One is a characterization of “you” the other is a characterization of a “moment in a time.” If this “moment in time” is the […]

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  • Just a minute #GP

    She is not kind, GP, irrespective of time,day,importance, nor the beloved nature of our interaction? She cannot find a way to compromise with me. She acts as though every moment, group, event is under her control. She can be delusional while appearing thoughtful yet teaches even in the midst of destruction. We can find the […]

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  • Long Ago & Far Away

    Long ago & far away I did something to face my greatest fear It was an exercise to make it clear?  Similar to jumping off a cliff to get over that stifling breath stealing fear  You can relate can you not?  Doing something? Simply because you cannot?  It has come in handy! I had no […]