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  • #FactFriday #Green4GP 2017

    https://www.facebook.com/groups/Gastroparesis.FightingForChange/permalink/1979123962310493/ Perfect #FactFriday #GreenGP #CureGP #Gastroparesis #HR1187 #FGIMD #IBS #HR1187 goo.gl/MK8Koz journey A purple cushion will it help your pain? I do not know. Once again not a product pusher just conveying possible products which might help us along the #CureGP journey. https://www.facebook.com/LifeOnPurple/posts/760569857466926 Now for some fun… you are uniquely, beautifully, wonderfully, an amazingly one […]

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    http://goo.gl/Do2iui All things are possible. A thought is an idea waiting to become a reality upon meeting a knowledgeable optimistic person whose paradigms are not defined but beautifully blurred with positivity. dst 8/16/17 It is great connecting with others who know their thoughts and actions do create a space for change… even when you think […]

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  • Gastroparesis Awareness Month

    We are Fighting for A Change both for Awareness, for acceptance, education, empowerment, we are all advocates! Our advocacy may be on different levels but as soon as we enter the realm of being a Chronic Patient you are an advocate on some level, patient and advocacy go hand in hand. Every choice,action,decision and clarifications […]

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  • Let’s Give Them Flowers

    Roses & the thorns we know life comes with both but let’s give each other the flowers While we have the chance, tell each and every one of us how much you are loved! Grace for ourselves and others. #PeaceBoat philosophy the journey does not have to be as hard as it is – life […]

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  • August 17, #Green4GP to #CureGP

    National/State Gastroparesis Awareness Month August is Gastroparesis/Motility Disorder Awareness Month Jonesboro,Arkansas: August has been proclaimed by Governor Asa Hutchinson as Gastroparesis Motility Disorder Month. In addition, August has also been selected as Gastroparesis Awareness Month for the 2017 NHO Health Observances Calendar. Gastroparesis Fighting For a Change in Arkansas is hosting an event to raise […]

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  • Et toi?

    Do you know? If you are engraved. Or perhaps it is in a “code?” Do we? Have an Expiration in a hidden creek of blood work or bone marrow, inner bone joints, it is — I am not saying we will not all “expire!” I am just wondering with our frailties and God’s Over Ride/Prior […]

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  • Come One Come All

    If we let our light shine, If we let our hearts be known, If we let our insides out be seen, No one will turn away From the Grace we pray for every day Because they will see it was them We were praying for So they would never have to be Walking in our […]

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    Twenty-Five years of Advocacy for patients with Gastroparesis  Twenty-five years of advocacy for patients with gastroparesis: support group therapy and patient reported outcome tool development Teresa Cutts, Sandra Holmes, Archana Kedar, Karen Beatty, Mohammad K. Mohammad and Thomas Abell  It is with sincere & deep appreciation the dedication displayed by the authors in this paper, […]