How I 9/9/2017

I do some things well, I do not do others well at all. We cope with the hardest moments of lives in different ways. Is your way wrong or right? Who am I to say? I choose my way. I […]

May We Find & Meet

What speaks to my Soul might not speak to your Soul. I pray you find GRACE, OPTIMISM, SUPPORT, LOVE, HOPE, & the tiniest spark of ENCOURAGEMENT which may be needed to lift you in your moment of travail, anxiety, stress, […]

You are loved

You Are So Loved šŸ™‚ Your gift is a priceless one my child, so much so, you must be ever so kind, as to not let others be over-burdened by your presence but still blessed. Let everyone know they are […]

54th & Main AgapeĀ 

I found you on the corner of 54th & Main.  There is no shame in our name nor our game!  We are “Bossed up!” There is no “game!” We have #NoBuckets! Only Flames – So bright like the sun – […]

Mostly we need LoveĀ 

I am the things you cannot see the losing side of you or me  I am not the nobody nor the somebody I am the thing that lives inside of perhaps you and me I perhaps took a road not […]

How Do I Know Love?Ā 

How do I know Love?  I know love by its ways.  When I can’t lift my head for days?  You ask, “Hon, is there anything else I can do or you need?”  How do I know Love?  When forced to […]

I Choose Love

Something made me look at you until I saw myself!  Then I knew we were all just like you except hate never grew into you! What happened to my friend?  I am not your friend? But I was long ago? […]