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  • A Thought On Our Nature

    As I watch Biographies,documentaries, and movies with content about “our nature” throughout time immemorial with this issue called “racism, prejudice, misogyny, bigotry, hate, discrimination, etc.. and while I say “our” it is not all of “our” many, some, chosen have made their historic voices heard on many of these issues. Yet, every time I see […]

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  • A #FactFriday #BeSeenBeingGreen4GP

    Happy #Green4GP to #CureGP #TheEvent http://goo.gl/Do2iui #FactFriday y’all are amazing #warriors “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” You know the phrase is legendary and so are y’all! #Patient_Advocates taking confusion, adversity, no’s, dead ends negative thoughts, pessimism and turning it all to the greater good for a better outcome… sometimes one we cannot see but a leap of Faith can […]

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  • Being Chronic

    Where is your best step in an uncertain world? Let’s just walk through this maize together. You either have been living with “incurable” since you were very young or are suddenly a collection of symptoms begin raining down upon you. Yes, this is an over simplification of our pathway into a myriad of chronic incurable […]

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  • #2016Holidays

    Whether it is recipes, support, advocacy or just laughs with others in #GPNation or other #MotilityDisorders #Gastroparesis #IBS crohn’s or whatever autoimmune disorder which may limit your energy this #2016Holidays you can find a group on Facebook to help you work your way through the holidays.  A few links to get you started 😊 GP […]

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  • #IVoted & #CIP Sat🕯Down

    #IVoted in the midst of an episode of telling myself “I think it’s getting better ” 5th day #CIPO sometimes shortened to #CIP for chronic intestinal pseudo-obstruction Syndrome – it’s an average thing in motility disorder world when you have Gastroparesis, colon inertia, & mito malabsorption issues with POTS. So when I say #IVoted it […]

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  • What I Was Taught.

    My Warrior voice says, thank you,  Why? Because you taught me I have no control.  What a strange thing to say, thank you to, right?  But all of the loss taught me my minimal win was the most important & what truly mattered.  When I found my stomach flu & ovarian cysts rupturing were not […]

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  • #MotilityMoonShot

    I am going to give an insight into a place I rarely write as personal entry. I do not do this because I am a “We”  not an “I” ~ this is a purposeful exercise. I am a patient/advocate and what I try to do as an advocate is lift others up and write as […]

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  • Agree to Disagree

    Life is too short too precious  To not slow your roll & do otherwise.  I did not say I was joining the circus. I truly & sincerely love (not my words & not clear where it came from!) not my monkey not my circus. I said I am loving you with celebration! You are the […]

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  • #IIWK16

    #IIWK16 There really is, truly, no other disease or incurable disease which forces you to prep for an outing like NPO orders for surgery or a procedure. It is a completely ordinary and well understood common practice for those of us with this digestive paralysis issue. If we need to accomplish activities– like a day of […]

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  • Do You See?

    Do You see? My invisibility  The #GP #Gastroparesis My priceless ways because I am more than a discussion about veins or thighs aka weight  The chronic intestinal pseudo-Obstruction Syndrome #CIPO  DO YOU KNOW I quit talking about the way this goes years ago? Diapers or Depends?  I am still priceless because I said so!  Not […]