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Mesentery & Impact

  • Debbie 

Mesentery & Impact I have often been increasingly curious about the ties between excessive edema/swelling & its correlation to other inflammatory illnesses. Most of us understand the varying chronic physical symptoms associated around inflammation with arthritis, neuropathy, and other illnesses. Once we rule out all… Read More »Mesentery & Impact

Charity /Advocate Who We Are

  • Debbie 

#ShareASpoonSaturday We are patient and kind while sending our virtual spoons out to each other worldwide. Millions with incurable illnesses living with chronic illnesses. Lifting each other up in charity. Charity is never selfish, haughty or rude. We live each day in advocacy over our… Read More »Charity /Advocate Who We Are

Gastroparesis Motility Disorder Awareness Month 2018 Miracles #Adversities with #Advocacy

  • Debbie 

We choose to face #adversity with #advocacy, no matter the #chronic illness, its #incurable #invisible status —> we #Spoonies believe in #TogetherWeFightTogetherWeWin -Glitter Queens Global – while lifting each other. (April GP ) Being a #BeaconOfHope AGMD (Maryangela) our Motility Bill #HR1187 IFFGD (Tegan &… Read More »Gastroparesis Motility Disorder Awareness Month 2018 Miracles #Adversities with #Advocacy

If We Build It -Dreams

  • Debbie 

We need warriors in each area of our state to reach out to their gastroenterologists in their area. I believe we have gastroenterologists who are able to handle our care, but we need to actually reach out, actively inquire, while explaining the needs of our… Read More »If We Build It -Dreams

My Grind

  • Debbie 

Is there a way to be Which doesn’t require a lot of energy? Can we move without physically exerting ourselves? Can we go to the beach, ride a wave without getting wet? Can we step onto a trail, hike it into the clouds Without ever… Read More »My Grind