We Really Need Signatures To Meet Our Goal! 

We still need signatures to have August designated as Gastroparesis Awareness Month! And have Gastroparesis established as a Disability #curegp #gastroparesis #EllenDanceWithRaven #green4gp #sign4gp all of these are hashtags to create awareness to meet the goal of getting these signed. […]

Gastroparesis = Slot Machine 🍒🍋🍇

I was just thinking… Always a dangerous pursuit.. After thinking about trying to describe what it is like trying to determine what to try to put in your body, when you have no idea how the contents of anything will […]

Today I Am Trying

Today I Am Trying! It is what I do every day! I wake-up put my peace shoes on and then meditate on the grace of which I will give myself and others! Living with motility disorders. In a state of […]

An Optimist

Being Happier for another’s success, is at the heart of the Optimist creed!  Do you know it? It is an amazing document/philosophy to live your life by!  When we set aside our egos and live for the good of our […]

Peace Be Still

Why? Iamokaynow? Because you speak what you believe!  “I can’t is not in your vocabulary!” was something my parents ingrained within me! I heard the stories of my parents and observed what they accomplished! Went to dog shows, Rose shows, […]

#IamRaven #EllenDanceWithRaven

i have Chronic Intestinal Psuedo Obstruction, Idiopathic Gastroparesis, Sjogrens, Migraines, Mitochondrial Malabsorption, osteoporosis and I have been surving this situation since my diagnosis in 1999… Symptoms longer! Awareness, research, and ultimately a cure is our goal! #IamRaven #curegp #green4gp #EllenDanceWith […]

NGastroparesis #GPNation #curegp

Gastroparesis is a condition that reduces the ability of the stomach to empty its contents, but there is no blockage (obstruction). (If something is being obstructed it may indicate something else)  The biggest thing to remember as a personal note, […]

GP consequences:-/

Did you know that because of the lack of nutrition you can not only lose weight, lose muscle, lose your memory, lose cognitive skills( .. And just hang-up multi-tasking!), but if you have three piercings on each ear.. . Be […]

When We Dream 

I think #curegp #ellendancewithRaven  I believe our song has already begun to be played!  The stage has been set! The melody is playing! The beat is bopping!  I hear music non-stop! I see the candle lit stage! I see the […]