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GP Inside Out

I can only tell you, bless your itty bitty heart!  I will pray for you! If you are from the south? You understand the first statement, was a backhanded kiss of death!  Today I have read too many instances of people being rude to my… Read More »GP Inside Out

When We Are Green ~ Will You See?

A brilliant idea from Jessica-Faye Watters Jessica-Faye’s Twitter page!  Those days, long ago and far away, when I jogged, biked, swam, aerobics, stretched, and hiked! I used to say “I eat to live! I do not live to eat!” I was so conscious of eating… Read More »When We Are Green ~ Will You See?

#TodayIsTheDay #Gastroparesis #1Action4GP 

Soon all the green will be gone, we will still be here, #Green4gp  Right Now! you Can Help!  #September #GastroparesisActionMonth #1Action4GP #Curegp   #HR2311(we need co-sponsors)  Here is a link to help: #EllenDanceWithRaven (I am so proud of my Fellow Arkansan/GPSister she needs  Votes… Read More »#TodayIsTheDay #Gastroparesis #1Action4GP 

The Time Has Come GP

Ends of sentences become huge questions  Answers become fixations  Because Gastroparesis  Is the truth embedded with a lie  A continuation of steadfast humble pie  Where no truth or lie real  no expectation proves a positive or a negative  It is an idiom wrapped in a… Read More »The Time Has Come GP

GP Truth 

I weep in a silence so loud it could blow buildings off the Earth!  I smile with a sadness so pretty it could crack all the mirrors in Perth!  I live in a pain so deep it should take my breath but I still speak! … Read More »GP Truth 

See GP

I see you,  Like you see me,  Maybe even the whales in the ocean will tell the ocean about you and me When all we know goes into this brief second in time  I hope you know my breath is moving  My heart is beating… Read More »See GP


A Journey to Cure Gastroparesis we are now firmly on the path! I hope you wil take a moment and check out these links. Take this journey with  us … With you we can achieve #1Voice1Cure to #curegp  Gastroparesis Fighting for Change  Here is a demonstrative… Read More »#1Voice1Cure

Long Ago & Far Away

Long ago & far away I did something to face my greatest fear It was an exercise to make it clear?  Similar to jumping off a cliff to get over that stifling breath stealing fear  You can relate can you not?  Doing something? Simply because… Read More »Long Ago & Far Away

Sometimes Sadness

Sadness sometimes brings you an expected heartache and a rush of determination! I watch a great deal of CNN. In doing this, I listen and reflect upon our human community! I have never seen the world as an us and them. It may have not… Read More »Sometimes Sadness