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Peace In Me

  • Debbie 

Peace in Me When Everything about you Allows me to be me It fulfills the Agape Meaning of Peace meant to infinity In the here and hereafter Never ever do we, us, or any other pronoun Come into question When an ego doesn’t have to… Read More »Peace In Me

Motility Monday 9/13/2021

  • Debbie 

Motility Monday What we raise for inspiration and motivation to journey forward Can become a spoken blessing for a quality of life and care while seeking cures for our chronic communities. The path we choose to breathe in and out in appreciation with gratitude for… Read More »Motility Monday 9/13/2021

Self-Healing Bubble Wrap

  • Debbie 

Self-Healing BubbleWrap Why would we even ponder the thought of self healing bubble wrap? An immunity bubble wrap which is self-healing could possibly add another layer to our overall well-being. So, why not try it out? Every week a bundle of bubble wrap is included… Read More »Self-Healing Bubble Wrap

We Are Who We Are

  • Debbie 

The acceptance in a reality we have no control of is a freedom of a tapestry. This tapestry’s threads is made of beautifully woven threads. These threads hold us in our lives with Peaceful positivity, Graceful strength/optimism a steady growth in all we say and… Read More »We Are Who We Are

A Choice? Nay It Is Not!

  • Debbie 

Your/my appointment/placement on our planet is not your nor my choice/predetermination_ your skin, hair, gender, eyes, are not your doing nor decision. We are here as a united community of humanity. Therein, what we choose to do as a part our mutual membership in this… Read More »A Choice? Nay It Is Not!

Critical Mass In a State of Grace

  • Debbie 

I am praying you #SeeUs #HearUs #FeelUs all! Whether you can #TakeABite4GP in #empathy or show support for our #MotilityIssues like #GP #Gastroparesis #CIP #ColonicInertia #SIBO #Crohns & so many other #AutoImmuneDiseases creating #ChronicIllnesses & their layers are often invisible, incurable, unnoticed or worse unaddressed… Read More »Critical Mass In a State of Grace


Empathy vs Sympathy  What is the difference?  Compassion vs Passion  What is the difference?  Speaking vs Listening  What is the difference?  Seeing vs hearing  What…..? Doing vs Watching  What…? In the Church vs Being the Church  What.. Love vs Judgement  What Conditional vs Unconditional  Hmmmm… Read More »Empathy