If I Were You & You Were Me GP

If I were you? Then there would be things I could not do?  But I could eat if I were you. If you were me and had GP? Then you would suddenly have to question every morsel of food that […]

Do You Know?

Do you Know?  Or maybe see who is behind a smile? Do you know it might be you one day looking for answers?  Do you know? The ill, incurable sick trying to live with their last breath? Could be you?  […]

Sometimes Sadness

Sadness sometimes brings you an expected heartache and a rush of determination! I watch a great deal of CNN. In doing this, I listen and reflect upon our human community! I have never seen the world as an us and […]

Gastroparesis = Slot Machine 🍒🍋🍇

I was just thinking… Always a dangerous pursuit.. After thinking about trying to describe what it is like trying to determine what to try to put in your body, when you have no idea how the contents of anything will […]

When We Dream 

I think #curegp #ellendancewithRaven  I believe our song has already begun to be played!  The stage has been set! The melody is playing! The beat is bopping!  I hear music non-stop! I see the candle lit stage! I see the […]

Are you green Today?

http://instagram.com/p/0lDTOVFTEA/ Are you Green Today?  We are #green4gp Searching HIGH AND LOW for a cure! Are hearing our cry? For awareness? For research? For treatments? For a cure?  We are on a search for those who want to speak against […]

We Would Prefer

WE WOULD PREFER to be seen http://instagram.com/p/0d6q0ElTHN/ Than to be ignored!  Are you seen?  Do you feel like you speak but you are not heard?  Do you look at a magazine, a TV advertisement, a new prescription, or procedure? And just […]

A Really Cool Soup and it is Slightly GREEN!

I cannot simply give you a recipe, you know that right?  This soup is made in the totally cool simply amazing utterly delectable ~  VITAMIX!  CAULIFLOWER POTATO CHEDDAR CHEESE SOUP~~ AKA REINDEER SPIT! 🙂 Ingredients:  3/4 of a cauliflower head […]