Month: April 2016

From A Memory

Many years ago, there were a lot of little birds, finches, doves, bunny rabbits, chickens, puppy dogs, ferrets, just a little bit of everything! So much fun for a little girl, now grown, who used to play “Noah’s Ark” on […]

Oh My This Stomach!

The Stomach from Mackes Anatomy   All pictures, crossword, & information from this site along with the crossword.           Please try before moving down the page!💚 😊💚    


What has your chronic illness taught you? Did you think your appointments, schedules, attendance to rules would guarantee a certain outcome? Or did you think life’s orderly compartments would help you navigate the bumps, detours, or dead ends inevitably met […]

The Philosophy #GPWarrior_Princess

Don’t you just love that feeling? Ya, know the one that sees your community thriving? A group of people lifting each other up? They are super happy when something great happens to one of them because, in truth what happens […]


As I live and breathe I find mists  But not any hope Where did this day go?  Nothing anyone ever taught me prepared me for a day like this.  There were mirrors of proclivity  Leaning over I saw the miles […]

Right Now

How do I know you?  I see you! It is ok! I saw you sitting there, trying to be brave!  But it is alright, I know you cannot eat tonight.  No, No, stop pushing the ice in that glass,  Stop […]

What Would You Do? #HR2311

What would you do? If you still wanted to participate in your life? But this silent, unwelcome, hateful, unnamed intrusive invader kept creeping all up into your headspace, personal space, friend space, relationships of any kind or nature. Please imagine […]

You Are So Beautiful

You are so beautiful my love,  Everything you are is not tied up in what you become & the amount of your income. You are shining my love  Because who you have become has made your light so bright.  You […]

 #HR2311 #4Gabe

I sit & contemplate this life  With love & hate Can you imagine? The number of times it takes to convince yourself everything is okay?  We walk a very thin line but our journey still comes to a place which […]