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  • “Perfection”

    Life cannot be defined as “perfect” or “horrible” but ,in my opinion, as a state of perfection at times or in “a horrible mess of a moment..” What is the difference? One is a characterization of “you” the other is a characterization of a “moment in a time.” If this “moment in time” is the […]

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  • #MotilityMonday Worth

    Happy #MotilityMonday #CureGP #Gastroparesis #GPReporters #CantStopWontStop We have begun to see our worth And in its midst we will not go back You may not see us but you will We will go forward in the mist of angst See these rainbows They have been earned Our beauty hides all of the pain — the […]

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  • Patrick’s Song

    A golden tassel Shimmers in the air While our tree frog sings it’s song Only you & I know What they are conversing Like man & woman Bird & frog are not averse We all breathe until our song Becomes another way to guide the universe Today we share so cures Will be our song

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  • #MothersDay

    The best of a Mother’s Day can be found with Love here & there. Walking an advocacy journey in truth. I am walking with an intent to help just 1 person. Yet, to help this one person I must keep myself in a place of peace. How are you doing #GPReporters #ChronicWarriors #Patient_Advocates #GPPrincesses #Warriors […]

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  • #MothersDay17

    As Mom’s we pray we achieve one goal ..our kids are healthy happy and blessed with the knowledge of how gifted, loved they are and in turn they can do/achieve anything they put their mind to do.. it won’t come easily necessarily but they can do or be anything! When you are dx with an […]

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  • It was 2006

    There has been a piece of my Journey I have always hesitated to share with everyone and as I am typing this? I do not know if this will be the moment in which I share this part of my experience or not? Why have I not shared this? Because I want everyone of us […]

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  • Part 2 Reference #SurvivorShip

    Cancer can be incurable and sometimes an invisible disease — Motility Disorders are incurable and often invisible as well. There ends our walk. .. on the surface. Cancer has been given acknowledgement, awareness, research, validation on its effects. #StandUp4Cancer The results of all of this Awareness & research has been amazing breakthroughs. Many Women -like […]

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  • Hearing Words on the Wind

    If I met you today What would we both say Not with our voices But in the unspoken Are you the other one? Or this one – So many have eloquently spoken of? Learning History from an old Cemetery Down South you are in Mark Twain, William Faulkner, Maya Angelou, territory Birthplace of so many […]

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  • Spiritual Scales

    I could tell you about the days I used bike almost 20 miles or jog daily. I could tell you about the items I had on a list in preparation for a dream hike on the Appalachian Trail. I could tell you about the GT program I think about at the school we set up […]