Medical Walmart

#SpoonieSunday #Gastroparesis #CureGP #Tweet_Eat #Empathy #Awareness#worldwide better #treatment #research #QOL #QOC #Cures #diabetes #mito #POTS#CIP #ColonicInertia #ChronicMigraines #Chronic #Illnesses #invisible#incurable layered with multiple diagnoses often, but without multiple successful #treatments #research #statistics leading towards viable solutions to help comorbidity rates […]

A Recipe for Hope

A recipe for finding hope in a valley of unknown. This is not an overnight, snap your fingers, blink of an eye, recipe. Like the many layers, most of us live with, it is gradually built/earned overtime. Unknown in the […]

The Princess Diaries2: Royal Engagement

When the new “Princess to be a Queen” is instructing some small young girls on how to get “in touch with their Princess” quality! She gives them all tiaras, instructs them on how to walk, wave, & be! While telling […]

#ShareASpoonSaturday with #MuchNess

“Forgetting is just forgetting, except when it’s not. Then they call it something else.” The Mad Hatter When we see the miracles, wisdom, strength, Joy, Peace, Faith, Gentleness, Patience, Love, Kindness, Self-Control, Goodness of His Spirit meeting us in our […]

Why hats matter to me. What began as a cool comfort.. transitioned into comfort into a deeper meaning. I have always been fascinated by our fellow humans on this planet.. their villages, culture, history and humanity. We were meant to […]

My Chronic Warrior Key / Legend

Here is my Chronic Warrior Legend/ 🔑 key. It is different for every one of us – I am sure … so I am not using “We” When you do not hear anything from me… I do not have any […]


E PLURIBUS UNUM OUR CONNECTIONS/LAYERS We are inclusive and exclusive all at the same time. We project our inner reality sometimes. At other times, we project the exact opposite consciously or unconsciously in an open dialogue with our world. The […]

In No Way

IN NO WAY We must act, speak, feel, see, each moment as if our next breath were our neighbor’s last breath on earth. Their last breath on earth is our/the only child we are ever going to have nor are […]


I was Reading, Thinking, & Praying Leviticus 11 3/21/2018 Thinking, reading, praying, contemplating on the Lord’s explanation of what is clean and unclean It is with this in mind… as I do my Linzess in the background of #MotilityDigestiveDisease #PeaceBoat […]


I hope and pray. Each and every single day, my actions, words, interactions, physically, spiritually show you my truth. The truth of my legacy. The Wheel of Legacy- from which – I am a cog- a peon – it is […]