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  • How I 9/9/2017

    I do some things well, I do not do others well at all. We cope with the hardest moments of lives in different ways. Is your way wrong or right? Who am I to say? I choose my way. I pray you choose your way then there are enough human beings around you with unconditional […]

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  • Motility & Co

    As I sit & contemplate how to best make an impact as an advocate for the #CureGP journey empower myself & others by being a #GPReporter in our larger #Chronic Community…. I see the trending topics on Twitter and then see a prompt to drop a letter in a song and create a new one. […]

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  • Just a minute #GP

    She is not kind, GP, irrespective of time,day,importance, nor the beloved nature of our interaction? She cannot find a way to compromise with me. She acts as though every moment, group, event is under her control. She can be delusional while appearing thoughtful yet teaches even in the midst of destruction. We can find the […]

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  • Closing 2016 Opening 2017 

    How we close 2016 & open the Gift of 2017 even when we have moments we must overcome living with #ChronicIllness as we in #GPNation https://discord.gg/mM8Yv59 www.curegp.com www.takeabite4gp.org www.iffgd.org www.agmd-gimotility.org  all seek each day to live in our very real diagnosis #MotilityDisorders often accompanied by #AutoimmuneDisorders and with the many support groups allowing us to share, vent, uplift,educate, encourage each other […]

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  • 2017

    I am going to attempt to tell you how I believe the year of 2017 is going to begin, because I think 2016 has been a bumpy road for us but we have made progress. I also believe, in my opinion, we have all made progress because of the bumps and because of advocacy. Yes, […]

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  • How?

    How did I know?  Your fingerprint told me so.  It said, “She/He is THE ONE!”  The best at all she/he does in all she/he does when moving through life as herself/himself, she/he wins- won!  You say, “Insufficient evidence?” I say, “Oh no, it is not my Dear one! There is DNA  –it is only possessed […]

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  • #AllOfMe 

    Happy Thanksgiving! Because all of you are with all of me I want to share a memory. They say a picture is worth 1000 words or perhaps a  million I wouldn’t know but what I do you know, all of you are with all of me. #GPNation meaning gastroparesis a motility disorder. In the United […]

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  • November 1999

    How to use your thoughts of #Optimism #Positivity #Hope to keep #ChronicIllness #MotilityDisorders like #Gastroparesis #ChronicIntestinalPseudoObstruction #ColonInertia #MitochondrialMalabsorption from defining you or more importantly making you more miserable than you need to be. I began my infusion therapies during this time of the year in 1999 But Dr Abell gave me a tool to go […]

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  • Where Is Your Smile?

    I was looking all around the church, even as deer panteth,  I found the smallest of acts could bring something to  your smile  One day we turned around and saw a turtle floating upon a log. We  asked the kids to look and see if they could count all of the ones lining themselves and […]