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    #BigGirlPantyAdvocacy we say the phrase all the time let’s get on our “Big Girl Panty” sassy and our #GPReporter advocacy to create a new lane of awareness. Lisa Rinna showed the depends silhouette brand “sexy” possibilities. We can show our  #PositivelyReal brand of #GP not down & out but how we can take these dx’s and […]

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  • Chronic/ShinyNewDay


    I open the day as if it were a package, brand new.  The slate of a chalkboard (all teachers prior to wipe-off, dust free chalk, chalk even before this– I digress–  please excuse the innate inclination to explain then explain my explanation,,,sigh) Teachers know the beauty of a wonderfully prepped canvas to begin a fresh […]

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    #FactFriday #Green4GP #CureGP #Gastroparesis a #MotilityDisorder of millions . This is the story which does not need to stay in “Vegus” VAGUS NERVE  Especially on the days where we are on #GPMigraineBlackout! I could elaborate quite a bit on the details of this “black-out” to persevere for our advocacy but snippets of “I am a lil […]

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    Doing what you can as you can is a blessing without exception!  Give yourself the gift of Grace thereby it is extended to others. If you have been given a help to manage #ChronicLife #Spoons #Gastroparesis #MotilityDisorders of millions pass it forward to others we are on a mission to find #Cures #CureGP #MitoCure  Giving […]

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                          BUGS AND STARS  My love comes to you even when I cannot It stands, sits, walks within you Breathe hard I am sure my love can be felt Somewhere…. Lives rock along so busy Sometimes too busy to talk Feelings linger in hearts and […]

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  • #MotilityMonday #BeeCalm


    On this #MotilityMonday with #CureGP & #Advocacy for millions of incurables with  #Gastroparesis a #MotilityDisorder in #USA a Bill awaits its renewal into committee it will require our #GPReporters to let our congressional representatives know how we feel about this bill & its contents- what it means to our incurable illness community & the lives […]

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  • Thank you, Warriors


    Prayer Meditate (Reservoir empty beep beep beep— enter to reset volume)  Some know – some empathize – some are our Warriors in arm in arm! Who know of which we speak,,, the best kind when the energy levels go to -5 (yes a negative 5) speaking – explaining is exhausting.  With love to all warriors […]

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  • #TubieTPNTuesday


    Happy #TubieTPNTuesday !! 2/7/2017   We celebrate you being you, we also #Advocate lift all #Spoonies!!   No you are not defined by your diagnosis! Yet we #Overcome the reality & shift paradigms with a focus driven by optimism, positivity, & Empathy with Grace increasing serotonin (FROM—->>WIKIPEDIA- Serotonin (/ˌsɛrəˈtoʊnᵻn, ˌor 5-hydroxytryptamine (5-HT) is a monoamine neurotransmitter. Biochemically […]

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    A #GPReporter #MotilityMonday thought lesson  It is laid bare – swiftly so swiftly does this wave come for us,  We are prepared! We did not sit idly by!  No! Not I Myself and I –  #GPNation Millions  of us in countless layered multi-Dx’d  asking telling shouting screaming whispering tapping challenging advocating patients relatives friends – […]

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  • May We? Speak?


    May I share with you a deep truth today? It may not be well said, but it is heartfelt. We are a community heartbroken by loss with two (another I saw added late in the day by another sister in the community known through their mutual doctor visits) gone from life both young in age […]