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    Ill find a way  Everyday I will see your good & the peace in you Because in me I hold peace, patience, optimism, & the bridge with Love I will find a way everyday to see unity because the alternative is too heavy  Therefore if you have something to say? Which is not kind, take […]

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  • Pumkinspice Smoothie 


    1 cup puréed pumpkin  1/2 cup ice cubes  1/4 avocado  2 tablespoons ground flax seed  1 tsp cardamom  1/4 tsp ginger or drops of ginger root extract  3 tablespoons apple sauce 1 cup coconut milk 1/ 2 cup apple cider  1/4 cup maple syrup, or sweetener of your choice  1 teaspoon cinnamon 

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    Have you been on the other end?  Of the “look”. “Well they obviously can get out of the car just fine!” The recipient of a “Questioning” glance saying , “Well, they are obviously able to eat! They have no loss of  – pounds!”  Have been on the end of “arrogance” without empathy? “I sure do […]

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  • #IIWK16


    #IIWK16 There really is, truly, no other disease or incurable disease which forces you to prep for an outing like NPO orders for surgery or a procedure. It is a completely ordinary and well understood common practice for those of us with this digestive paralysis issue. If we need to accomplish activities– like a day of […]

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  • Be Visible


    My invisibility is not a burden upon your society unless you ignore our pain There is nothing to say in this vast sea of brokenness but a celebration of service  Eagles always acknowledge that which made them this way See buzzards & pigs ask questions not because of the greater good but because of a […]

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  • #InvisibleNoMore

    Here are some links to our multi-level issues faced by – not all- but so many of us!  #FGIMD #GP #MITO #EDS #POTS #MotilityDisorders #CIPO #SBBO  #InvisibleIllness —  this is just a starting point I will be adding to it as I find more resources.  Please remember we are #Warriors & often our best source […]

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  • Do You See?

    Do You see? My invisibility  The #GP #Gastroparesis My priceless ways because I am more than a discussion about veins or thighs aka weight  The chronic intestinal pseudo-Obstruction Syndrome #CIPO  DO YOU KNOW I quit talking about the way this goes years ago? Diapers or Depends?  I am still priceless because I said so!  Not […]

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    Empathy vs Sympathy  What is the difference?  Compassion vs Passion  What is the difference?  Speaking vs Listening  What is the difference?  Seeing vs hearing  What…..? Doing vs Watching  What…? In the Church vs Being the Church  What.. Love vs Judgement  What Conditional vs Unconditional  Hmmmm wha…. Seen vs unseen Hmmmmm Humanity vs Inhumanity  Hmm Agree […]