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  • And we say #HonorShip


    I said, “Of course! I can in the true folly of pain (because my fanny fakes led me astray from the path I had diligently obligated myself to take every day in every way). But old dog new tricks seems to be literal except I do my very best to veer into the unknown. Living […]

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  • How?


    How did I know?  Your fingerprint told me so.  It said, “She/He is THE ONE!”  The best at all she/he does in all she/he does when moving through life as herself/himself, she/he wins- won!  You say, “Insufficient evidence?” I say, “Oh no, it is not my Dear one! There is DNA  –it is only possessed […]

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  • #AllOfMe 


    Happy Thanksgiving! Because all of you are with all of me I want to share a memory. They say a picture is worth 1000 words or perhaps a  million I wouldn’t know but what I do you know, all of you are with all of me. #GPNation meaning gastroparesis a motility disorder. In the United […]

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  • Did the Tree Speak?

    When we speak~~ is it the tree in the woods falling ~~~ages old question & scenario?  Did it make a sound, if no one heard it? This is our vulnerability with a chronic illness. We try to keep our strength up, both emotionally, physically, spiritually, but WE ARE HUMAN!  So, there will be those moments […]

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  • #2016Holidays


    Whether it is recipes, support, advocacy or just laughs with others in #GPNation or other #MotilityDisorders #Gastroparesis #IBS crohn’s or whatever autoimmune disorder which may limit your energy this #2016Holidays you can find a group on Facebook to help you work your way through the holidays.  A few links to get you started 😊 GP […]

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  • November 1999


    How to use your thoughts of #Optimism #Positivity #Hope to keep #ChronicIllness #MotilityDisorders like #Gastroparesis #ChronicIntestinalPseudoObstruction #ColonInertia #MitochondrialMalabsorption from defining you or more importantly making you more miserable than you need to be. I began my infusion therapies during this time of the year in 1999 But Dr Abell gave me a tool to go […]

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  • #IVoted & #CIP Sat🕯Down


    #IVoted in the midst of an episode of telling myself “I think it’s getting better ” 5th day #CIPO sometimes shortened to #CIP for chronic intestinal pseudo-obstruction Syndrome – it’s an average thing in motility disorder world when you have Gastroparesis, colon inertia, & mito malabsorption issues with POTS. So when I say #IVoted it […]

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  • What I Was Taught.

    My Warrior voice says, thank you,  Why? Because you taught me I have no control.  What a strange thing to say, thank you to, right?  But all of the loss taught me my minimal win was the most important & what truly mattered.  When I found my stomach flu & ovarian cysts rupturing were not […]

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    I am going to give an insight into a place I rarely write as personal entry. I do not do this because I am a “We”  not an “I” ~ this is a purposeful exercise. I am a patient/advocate and what I try to do as an advocate is lift others up and write as […]

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  • #ISeeYou #Halloween2016


    I see you. Not your invisibility, not your GP, I see you! I see the roads you have traveled. I see every bump every hiccup every little moment that is taking you from here to there. I see you!~~despite your invisibility, despite the GP -despite the motility. I see you. Every moment of every day. […]