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October 2015 – I Am Okay Now

Month: October 2015

You Are Always Here ~ As Am I

These are two things I know! When YOU are close? Everything  will be okay!  Are you thinking this life is too hard, too painful, too undignified, or not a life at all? Is this what you say?  In the darkness, […]


Zap, the day my world shifted? I didn’t hear the boom!  Just the impending doom!  I sat and cried, not knowing why my life was being stripped from me! Like How?  All I felt was the POW! The punch in […]

There Was A Day 

There was a day.  When I could speak and listen with more than one of you and not lose one ounce of anything… any of what you were about to say. Or even lose what any of you said.  But […]

You Don’t Know My Name

You don’t know my name! But you are going to! 5 million of us are looking to hear a word be said! You see us but you do not know us! You hear our names yet you do not know […]

Love Me Like you Don’t See GP

When I no longer see you, I will still see you!  The love I have goes beyond the shoes sitting by the door,  You and I have known each other since I first looked into your bright green shiny eyes […]

Shadow Speaking On GP

I saw you standing there but it was the shadow of myself saying can you make them see?  What baby? What do you want them to see?  I turned and saw the bones and knew my shadow was me! All […]

Where Is Your Smile?

I was looking all around the church, even as deer panteth,  I found the smallest of acts could bring something to  your smile  One day we turned around and saw a turtle floating upon a log. We  asked the kids […]

On the Corner

I am on the corner of #Okay & #Broken waiting for THEVIEW, ELLEN, DR PHIL. DR OZ, TODAY SHOW, GOOD MORNING AMERICA, CNN – NEW DAY – ANDERSON COOPER OR any other national media source!  We are the #ButYouDontLookSick #InvisibleIllness […]

A New Way to Go! 

Educational Post with a testimony, I have been walking with, surviving with chronic illness since at least 1996. My diagnosis came in 1999 at least the biggest part other pieces would reveal themselves over the years. During the years I had […]

GP Fog 

Let me see if I can tell you a little about GP.  There is a Fog. Please imagine yourself in a fog so thick you can barely see a foot or two in front of yourself. Suddenly, you see a […]