Month: October 2016

#ISeeYou #Halloween2016

I see you. Not your invisibility, not your GP, I see you! I see the roads you have traveled. I see every bump every hiccup every little moment that is taking you from here to there. I see you!~~despite your […]

Advocacy a thought

Advocacy at its core is focused on a mission of #CureGP but there is also a much larger goal interwoven into advocacy. While Tweeting, posting, blogging, tumbling, Instagraming, & creating campaigns alongside of projects which are never about anyone person […]

#RightCare = #Research

Twenty-Five years of Advocacy for patients with Gastroparesis  Twenty-five years of advocacy for patients with gastroparesis: support group therapy and patient reported outcome tool development Teresa Cutts, Sandra Holmes, Archana Kedar, Karen Beatty, Mohammad K. Mohammad and Thomas Abell  It […]

#RightCare #RCAW 2016

Happy #CureGP #HR2311 #TakeABite4GP  #RightCare = ___ #RCAW. #ThankfulThursday 🕯💚🙏🏼💛🕯 Why #ThankfulThursday it follows #WarriorWednesday Every #NEGU #ButYouDontLookSick #Spoonie #InvisibleNoMore knows each hour is filled with thanks for an #OpportunityInTheCrisis even whilst dealing with the […]

A Dream 

I see you then you are not there I return then you have gone  I see the boat geab the oars : row row row your boat gently gently down the stream  I seek to return to my dream Where […]


He gave me you yesterday  The twins of peace & patience  Then took everything away to grow a tree inside of me Then three gifts were Above & beyond priceless still I saw it was more than here & now.  […]


I found a page turning in the wind it said  My love is no burden upon your soul  I found my words floundering upon the waters as your love leaked upon the ground  We made no sound  Not one drop […]

Agree to Disagree

Life is too short too precious  To not slow your roll & do otherwise.  I did not say I was joining the circus. I truly & sincerely love (not my words & not clear where it came from!) not my […]

Storms #PeaceBoat 

Storms whether physical, mental, financial, emotional, weather, spiritual, relationship, or a battle for your life in any of these aforementioned.  Do you know how to get into your #PeaceBoat? Now, if this is not your path, use this as a […]

#RCAW #RightCare =

#RCAW #RightCare #RightCareActionWeek  @LownInstitute   No matter our income (which may get a buffer —  briefly! No one can afford the costs for long !!! It is very very expensive to be #Starving4ACure #Dying4ACure >>>> a lack of #RightCare!  When […]