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February 2017 – I Am Okay Now

Month: February 2017

Soulful Grace +3

My blog this #SoulfulSunday with advocacy of #MotilityDisorders is more of a flow chart of thoughts for what I want for our community I am using Dr Thomas Abell’s information from the University of Louisvile Ky & their Motilty Clinic […]

Digestive Dreams 

Do you have digestive dreams? I do, like a person in a wheel chair? Or their limbs do not work? Our digestive tracts malfunction in many varying ways, from person to person—We cannot “see” what is going on inside & […]

Promethazine 25 -50 mg/ml vials 

https://www.drugs.com/drug-shortages/promethazine-injection-654 An update for those on ZAP PROTOCOL zofran the generic name is ondansetron  & phenergan- generic name is promethazine are the meds in the protocol. If this is your antiemetic protocol to allow you to keep yourself at a thriving […]


#BigGirlPantyAdvocacy we say the phrase all the time let’s get on our “Big Girl Panty” sassy and our #GPReporter advocacy to create a new lane of awareness. Lisa Rinna showed the depends silhouette brand “sexy” possibilities. We can show our  #PositivelyReal […]


I open the day as if it were a package, brand new.  The slate of a chalkboard (all teachers prior to wipe-off, dust free chalk, chalk even before this– I digress–  please excuse the innate inclination to explain then explain […]


#FactFriday #Green4GP #CureGP #Gastroparesis a #MotilityDisorder of millions . This is the story which does not need to stay in “Vegus” VAGUS NERVE  Especially on the days where we are on #GPMigraineBlackout! I could elaborate quite a bit on the details […]


Doing what you can as you can is a blessing without exception!  Give yourself the gift of Grace thereby it is extended to others. If you have been given a help to manage #ChronicLife #Spoons #Gastroparesis #MotilityDisorders of millions pass […]

Bugs and Stars 

                      BUGS AND STARS  My love comes to you even when I cannot It stands, sits, walks within you Breathe hard I am sure my love can be felt Somewhere…. […]

#MotilityMonday #BeeCalm

On this #MotilityMonday with #CureGP & #Advocacy for millions of incurables with  #Gastroparesis a #MotilityDisorder in #USA a Bill awaits its renewal into committee it will require our #GPReporters to let our congressional representatives know how we feel about this […]