Month: July 2017

Humanity with History

GASTROPARESIS/MOTILITY DIGESTIVE DISEASE DISORDERS/AUTOIMMUNE DISEASES Millions live with layered digested disease/autoimmune disease/and the effects they bring/thereby reflect the best and the worst of our Global/Local Humanity throughout the history of our shared Humanity. The report card is/has not always been […]

GPReport 7/23/17

GPReport 7/23/17 A few thought bubble thoughts. Why are there “pharmaceutical protocols” which override the decision made by our doctor? When it is an antibiotic because you are still on the verge of pneumonia and you have mitochondrial Malabsorption with […]

Let’s Give Them Flowers

Roses & the thorns we know life comes with both but let’s give each other the flowers While we have the chance, tell each and every one of us how much you are loved! Grace for ourselves and others. #PeaceBoat […]

Detour? No!

I meet today with optimism and positivity. The past weeks have had too many detour signs. Regardless of how many posts I see which could take me in another direction. How or why? I have decided through this walk of […]

A Day In The Life

Your browser does not support the video tag A Day In The Life inspired by love ❤️ and family continually nurtured by Faith, Optimism & Positivity

August 17, #Green4GP to #CureGP

National/State Gastroparesis Awareness Month August is Gastroparesis/Motility Disorder Awareness Month Jonesboro,Arkansas: August has been proclaimed by Governor Asa Hutchinson as Gastroparesis Motility Disorder Month. In addition, August has also been selected as Gastroparesis Awareness Month for the 2017 NHO Health […]

Add Bronchitis/sinusitis to GP/Motility =:-(

How How an Invisible Illness can still roll with bronchitis pain from coughing has you hurting with each breath and as you lay down and sit up. #ButYouDontLookSick is so true cause you are looking at it! Bronchitis did not […]

#ThankfulThursday TBT 35 days!

#ThankfulThursday 35 days until we memorialize/Raise Awareness for August’s Gastroparesis/Motility Disorder Month on August 17 5-8 pm CST (all respective time zones ) with green lights of your choosing as small /intimate/ medium sized or large as you wish to […]

Et toi?

Do you know? If you are engraved. Or perhaps it is in a “code?” Do we? Have an Expiration in a hidden creek of blood work or bone marrow, inner bone joints, it is — I am not saying we […]